• Thank you for your interest in Gokhshtein Magazine. below is a list of THE services we offer and information pertaining to each one.

  • Please note that prices and packages are subject to change depending on the volume of requests.

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Do you have a certain audience or niche you want to reach with your advertising? As a magazine and online media presence we can target users using our social media pages, print ads, website, newsletter, and Discord group.  Our diverse resources allow us to help you reach higher conversion rates and increased opportunities for exposure.

No matter what your goals are for advertising, we can help work with you to fulfill them.


For those who do not know what this means, it’s an advertisement, but longer.

We are always interested in reviewing your product (or coin, company etc.) and featuring it in our magazine. Additionally, we offer the option to feature an article you've previously written or designed. Interviews make great advertorials. If you want one of us (or David himself) to interview you and feature the transcript in the magazine, we offer this option along with a professional design and any revisions for grammar/spelling, etc.







Reasons for Advertising with Gokhshtein Magazine


  • Not only do our readers engage us on our social media platforms like Discord and Twitter, but they pay attention to our other social outlets such as Snapchat and Instagram, as well. Beyond this, we engage our readers and followers by asking who they would like to see featured, interviewed, etc. And we don’t feature just people, but products of all kinds; anything from tech gadgets to clothing or scotch! This social engagement leads to organic, passive-promotion through word-of mouth of our following, especially by those who receive our monthly newsletter with “insider” information of special magazine features before they are released. This generates hype as well as anticipation of our content, leading to more views, engagement, etc.; we feel this is the best way to utilize our different social platforms, and make them come full circle for our clients benefit!


  • Obviously, our main audiences are those involved or interested in Blockchain technology or “crypto” related ICOs and products. While true, this is not our only focus. What sets us apart from competitors is that, from our debut issue, we always put a focus on other topics like sports, travel, tech (outside of crypto), and health. We do this to broaden our audience and offer more than one genre of articles, thus making it more interesting than strictly ICO reviews.


  • Utilizing our social media platforms, with our highly focused form of engagement, guarantees our clients an extremely targeted audience. This leads to two advantages, the first is that our audience is more likely to purchase a product, research it further, and visit the client’s website to engage on their individual platforms. The other is that because of this extremely targeted audience, our readers present us with a rate of guaranteed exposure. This benefits our clients for the reasons listed in the first example as well as creating an additional “word-of-mouth” stream of conversation in the form of hashtags, link-sharing, and everything else that comes with social media engagement. We also like to let our clients know that we offer packages based on whatever your needs may be which will be discussed below. We can design your article for you, have a pre-written and designed article featured on your behalf, as well as offer these same principals to our advertising as well!


  • When we feature a product, we have found that we have much better results when it is apparent that the writer of the article owns the product, rather than relying on outside information alone. To achieve this, we purchase the product ourselves, if it is not a sponsored article for a client, because we are truly interested in it. For clients, or when purchasing a product is not feasible, we recommend that they send us a sample or promo edition so that we can test test the product properly and write up an unbiased review for our readers. The details of this would need to be discussed on a case-by-case basis depending on multiple factors, but we love reviewing all kinds of products!


When a client has an articles they would like us to feature that is already written, there is an additional fee for our magical design team to work their...well, magic. We can do designs in-house for articles like this, however, the price will vary on the depth and amount of graphics you would like. 

We will work closely with you to make sure your content is exacly how you pictured it before it goes live in one of our issues.


We are happy to offer standalone design services, but depending on our workload, and the nature of our business (we are not a graphic design company), we reserve the right to deny these requests accordingly.