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The original, now evolved, version of this was featured on Forbes about the whole crypto art movement.


Signed canvas print edition of 50
100x50cm (40x20In)

Re-paint limited to 3 edition price: Permanently 1BTC via crypto.
Around double that with traditional payment.
Size: 200x100cm (80x40In)

Unique Diasec Metallic Emulsion Print.
Size: 200x100cm (80x40In)

In nature beauty and potential resources often trap you as lunch. The digital world is no different and likely if you have participated on social media or email, you have already been contacted by a bot in the form of a beautiful woman and / or wealthy handsome man offering you incredible things. AI will have a big impact on trading, once automated traders will eventually make it impossible for a human to keep with what is going on. All experts are worried about the weaponization part. The heart with empty memory slots in the piece increases the depth & risk factor. The infancy of AI is the most dangerous period, and how we push it the world matters greatly.

Also, as crypto does not require the user to be a human, it will of course be the currency of choice for A.I. The implications for this are immense all over but for the art world, in particular, we will see the rise of the A.I. art collector, trader, and fractional owner. They might change the game in art & perceived value so fast our heads will spin.


  • Name: HELLO

  • Style: Artevo

  • Painter: V E S A

  • Express shipping depending on format and location within 4-20 days

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