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Signed canvas print edition of 50
100x75cm (40x27In)

Re-paint limited to 3 edition price: Permanently 1BTC via crypto.
Around double that with traditional payment.
Size: 180x120cm (71x47In)

Unique Diasec Metallic Emulsion Print.
Size: 180x120cm (71x47In)

If you follow social media the volume of human suffering feels like something that has reached it’s beyond the pale peak. Many people are either looking to escape into fantasy or dull the senses. A rare few are looking for solutions. It might also be, that we now hear each other in a new way as the gatekeepers of information have collapsed due to the internet. Due to the blockchain, we now have an immutable record of what transpired. The piece is a tribute to Bitcoin which ten years ago solved the double spending problem for digital scarcity. Humanity is in many ways outspent. Many women, however, know all too well the pains of giving birth and the struggles of nurturing a being beyond its first years. There is also profound joy in watching it all unfold. Within this piece, the symbol of birth, the screaming reflections of the same woman and the Bitcoin logo are married together to a universal whole. It is about transforming suffering, through solutions, to a new beginning.

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Artevo Diasec Edition 1st Print available 50.000USD + Transport

Verified on the blockchain by Codex Protocol

Re-painted Edition of 3 for 22.000 USD + Transport

Verified on the blockchain by Codex Protocol


  • Name: Birth

  • Style: Artevo

  • Painter: V E S A

  • Express shipping depending on format and location within 4-20 days

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